In this section I will show some of my WW2 projects. As soon as an army is completed or big enough to need their own subsection, I will put it into a separate section (like the DAK or the late war Germans).

Germans Kharkov 1943

The above minis are from Heer46 excellent Indiegogo campaign. I am planning to paint a small force for another ViDe Raid test scenario. Herr46 really excelled on these minis, flawless casting of multipart metal minis.

Soviet Assault Engineers

Bolt Actions Soviet Assault Engineers with a head swap (the heads are from WGF Soviets).

I am planning to do some Berlin 1945 games and these tough Soviets are going to see some action in some serious play testing of my upcoming squad level Victory Decision book.

I tinkered for years on a slightly more detailed system/ expansion of the ViDe rules, time to test them out.

The initial play tests will be in the Berlin 45 setting. Elite Soviets vs Volkssturm and Hitler Youth, Soviets vs German Veterans, elite vs Veterans etc etc.


DP Gunner and female leader are again BA body and Wargame Factory heads.

Again BA body and Wargame Factory heads.




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