Victory at Sea

Victory at Sea

The Second World War saw naval warfare evolve from the clash of mighty dreadnaughts, which had been the preoccupation of navies for half a century, to a conflict dominated by the aircraft carrier and submarine.
The Battle of the Atlantic saw German U-boats attempt to strangle the economy of the United Kingdom, with fast commerce raiders such as the pocket battleships and the mighty Bismarck attempting to slip into the Atlantic to wreak devastation upon the allied convoys.
In the Mediterranean the Italian and British fleets squared off as each side attempted to settle the fate of Egypt and North Africa, as both sides attempted to strangle the other’s supply routes.
In the east mighty carrier fleets clashed as the Imperial Japanese Navy tried to hold on to the rapid conquests of 1942, whilst all the while American submariners strove to paralyse Japan’s industrial might via attacks on her merchant fleet. It was here that mighty battleships clashed in ferocious night battles amongst the Pacific islands.
Victory at Sea brings these conflicts to life allowing budding admirals to re-fight the epic battles of this conflict, or to create their own fleets based upon the ships of the day and fight entire campaigns. Over seventy different ship classes are detailed, allowing a wide array of different battles to be fought with eighteen scenarios included.
Based upon the award winning A Call to Arms games system, Victory at Sea is a fast flowing game that will allow novices and veteran gamers alike to enjoy recreating the epic struggles between the mighty fleets of the era.
Victory at Sea includes counters to use with every class of ship featured in the game.

That’s the intro to Moongoose new naval game “Victory at Sea”.

I really liked the idea and had the honor to help playtesting this game. Finally a ruleset for WW2 naval warfare that is not a huge tome of difficult to read tables and endless modifiers..

You can find the fleets I am currently working on in their own sections.

Victory at Sea has now it’s own section on the Moongoose website: VaS! You can find a good preview of the rulebook there.

To help support this fine game I have created 2 sets of ship stat cards like the one shown on the right for the Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine as pdf files. Feel free to download them.

Royal Navy set

Kriegsmarine set

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