BfEvo:World at War

Battlefield Evolution: World at War

Using the latest generation of the fast-playing Battlefield Evolution rules, this is the action-packed rulebook that brings World War II to your tabletop.

Battlefield Evolution: World at War is a portal into World War II, providing everything you need to stage small firefights in far flung villages, or massive confrontations involving massed infantry, armour and air units, as the struggle for territory reaches a fever pitch. The main rulebook covers Late War armies in the European theatre, with future expansions introducing new campaigns and different armies.
Battlefield Evolution: World at War is designed for 20-28mm miniatures. The rulebook includes complete army lists, advanced rules, scenarios and a unique Engagements system allowing you to create your own missions. This game is fully compatible with the rest of the Battlefield Evolution line, and hobbyists and publishers alike will have a chance to produce their own material for the game, through the introduction of an Open Content licence.

World at War is the 1st rulebook written by me that actually got published.
(After working as a play tester on countless books and games it was about time!) ;-)
The book is a joined venture of Matt Sprange and me. The rule section of the book – page 5-34 - is written by him. Some of the advanced rules (Night Fighting, Parachute Deployment, Retreat, Vehicles and Shooting with vehicles) are from me. All the rest (page 41-140) is also from me.

World at War: The colour pictures

The book also features many pictures of miniatures from Tom Weiss and  my collection. Unfortunaltey during the layout process it was decided to publish the book in B&W. Shown here are many of the pictures of the book in the original full colour quality (only scaled down to 72 dpi).


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