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Underworlds - Beastgrave

After hearing a lot of good things about Warhammer Underworlds I decided to give Beastgrave a try.


Gwynne Ironsoul is a formidable agent of the Sacrosanct Chambers. Ironsoul and her companions – Tavian of Sarnassus and the redoubtable Brodus Blightbane – are Sequitors of the Hammers of Sigmar, first and most storied of the God-King Sigmar’s Stormhosts.
These specialists channel the magical tempest of Azyr through their weapons. They are trained to battle the ethereal and the daemonic, but after straying within the bounds of the Dreadfane, even they may have found their match. They long sought a way to shatter its mechanisms and free themselves from its cruel grasp, and believed their quest successful when they finally set foot in the blood-soaked caverns of Ghur. Alas, Beastgrave would soon prove to be just another trap…

Gwynne Ironsoul right out of the Dreadfane box. I am really starting to like the aesthetics of Age of Sigmar, I dislike it for years, but these minis starting to grow on me. Maybe my more muted colour scheme is also helping...

And Tavian of Sarnassus from the Dreadfane box. Same colours, slightly battle damaged. I still did not like the HUGE shoulder pads, but the rest becomes more and more likeable.

The above mini is from the Dreadfane box - Brodus Blightbane. After listening to some of the AoS Gotrek novels I decided that I finally want to paint a Stormcast Eternal. I am still not totally at ease with the mini design, the shoulder pads remind me too much of 80s Warzone minis. Anyway, I chose a darker look to also use him as a stand-in for Trachos the companion of Gortrek.


Brought to Beastgrave by a vast wyrmaggot, The Wurmspat are a warband of Nurgle Rotbringers who seek to reverse the Katophrane Curse, seeing it as anathema to Nurgle’s endless cycle of death and rebirth. Unfortunately for Beastgrave’s other inhabitants, they’re going about their holy work by spreading as much filth as possible…

Ghulgoch the Butcher is big, tough and very choppy – just as you’d expect a Putrid Blightking to be!

Fecula Flyblown is the leader of The Wurmspat, and boasts an excellent attacking spell in Stream of Corruption.

Sepsimus, Plaguesworn trades Ghulgoch’s reliability for some always-welcome range, making him a decent threat that’s great for picking off enemy fighters that dare to flee from Nurgle’s love. The mini is a small conversion, I used the head and left arm of two HATE Tribe of Sarrassa minis as shown below.
The idea is a Nurgle warrior who spend too much time in the Beastgrave and gets overgrown by plants.

Lord-Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike

Masters of celestial engineering, the Lord-Ordinators are wise men who have shaped the Mortal Realms through the word of Sigmar and the readings of the heavens. When their sharp and serious minds cannot remould reality to their whims, they take up their hammers and march to war, hewing the future with each blow as a master mason shapes the stone of a temple to Sigmar’s glory. Striding to battle in sigmarite armour, Vorrus Starstrike wields hammers that strike with thunderclap force. It is his solemn duty to read the stars above, using the truths there to engineer fate on the battlefield.

I bought the mini to have a more suitable stand in for Trachos the companion of Gortrek. Considering his background I painted him a bit more gaunt and haunted.

Trachos is a Lord-Ordinator of the Celestial Vindicators left broken and traumatized after several perils in Shyish. He is the last survivor of his chamber and feels that the only way to restore his honor is to return to Azyr with some form of treasure. Wouldn’t you know it, he soon came upon Gotrek and decided that fancy rune in his chest would do the trick. Initially distrustful of him and the assassin Maleneth, he intended to follow their quest to find Gotrek’s axe and let them die to take the tune for himself. As time passed though, his mind soon began to heal and he became more and more like his old self. By the end of his adventure, he was a quiet but friendly warrior with the occasional snide remark. When fighting he tends to loudly sing in a fractured off-key tone. Not even Gotrek could fix that.

Asian Fantasy

Since years I am interested in Asian warfare. Ancient Japan and China was always a place special to my imagination. Asian warfare, especially Sun Tzu and the Bushido Code of honour had fascinated me for years. I have countless books about Samurai and Chinese armies.

As far as miniatures and miniature games are concerned I was less enthusiastic. That changed when Clan War was coming out back in the 90s. Great setting and - at that time - great minis. Unfortunately their later minis were less then good and all in all the game fumbled quite soon. I still like the game, but nobody is playing it. The setting itself is still one of my favourite Fantasy settings. I can only recommend the Clan War novels and the recent FFG RPG!

I started a L5R campaign using ht new FFG rules recently. We used the Beginners game box and had a lot of fun. Consequently I had to get and paint some suitable minis.
From left to right:
Togashi Yoshi Tatooed Monk of the Dragon Clan -A Pathfinder Human Male Monk that is just painted in suitable Dragon colours.
A Crab character - I used the Privateer L5R minicrate Hida Kisada mini.
Doji Ren Courtier of the Crane Clan - I used a Samurai from the core Okko box and swapped the head for a female Statuesque mini head. I underlines his soft androgen Crane look.
Isawa Aki Shugenja of the Phoenix Clan -A Rising Sun boardgame mini in Phoenix colours.

The minicrate sculpts are very good IMO!

Three Yurei: one from the Okko core box, a Kogen from the great Kensai range and as a test a Nighthaunt from GW, they work well together IMO.

The good thing is that today we are spoiled with good new miniature ranges for almost every setting. For the domain of Fu Leng - the Shadowlands - the above undead Samurai from the great Kensai range are very fitting!

Some old Clan War Goblins.


As minis are concerned I also like the “The Age of Wars - Samurai Armies 1550 - 1615” range from the Perry twins and the Martial Arts range from Hasslefree.

This small group of Ashigaru is joined venture of Steve Dean and me. I finally talked him into painting some minis for me. I provided one painted example and some pictures from books to give him an idea of the colours. All the rest is his brushmagic.

A male Shungenja (Tadaka of the Phoenix Clan) from the fantastic Clan War setting. Still a very nice miniature IMO.

The female Samurai is from Hasslefree’s Range. I painted her as a Crane (The Crane are one of the Clans of the Legends of the 5 Rings Asian fantasy setting) Samurai-Ko.

Chinese Sung Swordsmen from the TAG range. These minis are so far the best Chinese I have seen in 28 mm. As with all TAG minis they are also very paint friendly. Not too much detail, clean lines and good casting quality.

3 Peasants and one Ashigaru from the Perry range.

You can see some of my Clan War minis. All are out of production as far as I know.

Fantasy Romans

Recently some Fantasy Romans popped up on LAF. I really like the concepts and sooner or later the poster and I got in contact. He was kind enough to send my some samples and I was blown away by the sheer quality of the miniatures.

The minis are big chunky multipart resin that are full of character and conversion options, different heads weapon options etc. I chose amore traditional outfit for my 1st mini, gladius and shield plus helmet.

The base is a GW 32 mm base since the mini is REALLY BIG. You can see a comparison picture further down. To enhance the base I used some Milliput and the nice Rolling Pin ROMAN. Great effect!

The mini was based in Citadel Chaos black. After that some Citadel Ironbreaker for all the metal parts, Nuln Oil shade, again some Ironbreaker - done. Mephistion Red for the tunic and shield. Carroburg Crimson Shade and again some Red for some highlights. Skin is AV 72.100 Rosy Flesh, a Citadel Reikland Fleshshade, and again Rosy Skin with mixed in white for the flesh highlights. The gold is done all with citadel colours, Gehenna Gold, Agrax earthshade, again Gehenna Gold and finally some Auric gold with mixed in silver. All brown parts are AV Burnt Umber and AV flat earth highlights.

The mini is NOT fitting to any historical Roman range that I know of since the mini is around 42 mm high! See the comparison picture below. Even a Primaris Marine is dwarfed! IMO no problem since the mini line is obviously not aiming at any established setting or genre.

And another comparison picture with some Wargods Demigods.


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