VOR: The Maelstrom

VOR: The Maelstrom is a science fiction miniature wargame, set in the 22nd century. It was published by FASA in 1999, but was discontinued following FASA's cessation of activities in 2001.

In the VOR universe, the Earth has been sucked into a pocket universe known as the Maelstrom. The rules are written for 28mm skirmish games and include both set forces and rules for creating custom forces.

  • The Union: The armed forces of an alliance of Western nations, with advanced technology and power armor.
  • Neo-Soviets: Combined Russian and Chinese forces, with crude but powerful weapons and mutated animals.
  • Growlers: The Growlers are primate-like monsters directed by the pack's collective packmind, strong and adaptable, and the main enemies of the Zykhee. They are of many breeds and types.
  • Zykhee: Vaguely humanoid aliens with advanced technology, powerful melee weapons and spiritual abilities.
  • Shard: The Shard are a race of silicon-based lifeforms with an extreme hatred for 'carbons' (carbon-based lifeforms), and stop at nothing to wipe them out.
  • Pharon: The Pharon are essentially a race of high-technology mummies, inspired at least in part by Ancient Egypt. They are a very ancient race that worships the Maelstrom and thrives in it, being resurrected by its energies.
  • Mashers: The Mashers are very primitive creatures, yet they can 'mash' (meld) with technology. They are a race of scavengers, and bear a physical similarity to Neandertals.
  • Golem: These solid creatures wear power armour. They are actually two creatures - a mindless host and an intelligent parasite, who enslave and conquer worlds.
  • Ceru: The Ceru are a race of blue, gnomish bikers who were enslaved by the Golem, but broke free when the Golem's homeworld (where the Ceru happened to be at the time) got sucked into the Maelstrom.

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