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Star Trek - GF9 Away Missions

“In Star Trek: Away Missions, players will lead their own landing parties to complete missions, conduct espionage, fight in glorious battle, or assimilate distinctiveness. The objective is to score points by completing missions over the three rounds.

Each completed mission earns you points. Score the most points to win the game. Each member of your away team is represented by a figure that will move about the board to complete missions with an associated card that describes that character’s strengths, skills, and other important characteristics including which away team they belong to!” from gf9games

I will try the game soon, but as usual I will paint the minis first. The Borg minis are cartoony in style and VERY big (around 46 mm tall), they look rather good on the table but unfortunately are not fitting to any other range. Just see the comparison picture below with some Modiphiüs Borg!

The minis are more like pure gaming pieces, the names on the back of the base are a niece touch to identify the mini, but as said more like boardgame pieces (which they are). Personally I would have liked them more in style and scale as the Modiphiüs minis.

The Federation arrives to save the day! Commanders Riker and Shelby. Every body knows Riker, but Elizabeth Shelby was a Human female who served as a Starfleet officer from the mid-24th through the early 25th centuries.

During the 2360s, she was noted to be a highly ambitious officer, on the fast track to promotion to the captaincy of a starship. Although her manner was abrasive, she earned considerable respect when she proved to be a valuable asset while serving temporarily on the USS Enterprise-D when the ship faced the Borg. And that was IMO the reason to include her in the Wolf 359 core box!


Star Trek - Modiphiüs

The new Modiphius Entertainment STNG minis arrived. I can’t says enough how good these minis are. Yes they have some very minor casting flaws, like mold lines and maybe one or two minor air bubbles, but the overall quality is as good as it gets in modern minis.

In addition they look very convincing and natural. Considering that the above mini is around 32 mm tall, they have done an incredible job recreating Picard!

Worf and Data, again a really good sculpt!

Doc Crusher, a great sculpt, I am always amazed how easily you recognise the actual actor.

Will Riker “no. One” and Deanna Troi, IMO the weakest sculpt of the SRNG pack, but still nice minis!

Another secrurity away team member, a Denobulan female!

The male Andorian officer, I chose a red uniform as a nice contrast to the blue skin.

The male Vulcan security officer.

A Cyborg conversion based on the TNG Away Team Vulcan officer. After seeing Airiam in STDisco 2.09 Project Daedalus I wanted a female cyborg Star Fleet officer, I took a Statuesque Mini bionic female head (THE resource for very good female head swaps!) and the Modiphius Vulcan officer body. Done!

Since I had a female Vulcan head to spare I mounted her on an Infinity Mobile Brigade body. She is now Commander T'Proll of the Task Force Omega.

“Assembled jointly by the Federation and the Klingon Empire to counter the Borg threat, Battle Group Omega (also known Task Force Omega) is a fleet stationed in the Noro Sector. The fleet is home to Omega Force. It serves as a deep space staging ground for incursions into Borg space. A nearby asteroid belt provides raw materials and supplies for the fleet, while a nearby rogue moon emits low-level delta radiation, which hides the fleet's energy signature from the Borg.”

from sto.gamepedia (

Commander T'Proll is wearing her custom Omega Force Armour, the Energy Harness Armour provides basic protection and increases energy attack damage. As a side arm she is equipped with an Antiproton wide beam pistol. The Omega Force Antiproton weapons deal additional damage to Borg, and has a chance to immobilise any target hit.

Modiphius Borg

I painted one of the male Borg minis first, as always a “as faithful as it gets to the TV series mini” with good details.

Modiphius Klingons

I painted one of the 4 female minis first, again a very realistic proportioned mini with incredible fine details, just look at the kneepads!

Modiphius Romulans

For the Romulans I also started with one of the female sculpts, as ever very true to the TV show. On the pic of the backside of the Romulan you see one of the minor problems, the base is on the same sprue as the mini, you have to be VERY careful to remove the base. After that a lot of sanding.

You have two different female sculpts in the Romulan pack. The left mini is out of the box, the right mini is converted, I repositioned the head, right arm and left foot.


The scale shot below shows that the mini you can now buy are indeed even better that the already good promotion mini!

Last Unicorn Gams Away Team (Federation Away Team Miniatures -1998), the two female Security Team Officers received head swaps from the excellent Statuesque Minis!

Next mini from the Last Unicorn Gams Away Team (Federation Away Team Miniatures -1998), the  female Security Science Officer again received a head swaps from the excellent Statuesque Minis range! The Jem’Hadar is of unknown origin.

My interest in Star Trek was recently re-ignited; Beyond was OK, a new TV Series is announced and Modiphius Entertainment announced the development of Star Trek Adventures!

I managed to get the promotional Kirk and Picard miniatures, took my minutes to clean them up and prime them - since both are one piece casts, including the textured base! After that Kirk was painted.

Both miniatures are of incredible good quality. They follow the current trend in miniatures for more realistic proportions, like AvP or Warzone. The comparison picture below clearly shows it:
From left to right: Imperial Assault Han, Modiphius Kirk, Decipher Worf, GW Space Marine. The Marine looks almost comical in his over enhanced proportions!

From left to right: Imperial Assault Han, Production Picard, Decipher Worf, GW Space Marine.

I absolutely enjoyed painting Kirk. To enhance the clean look of Trek I did not highlight the mini to much, I went for a more muted and -hopefully- realistic look, that is also the reason why the eyes are just painted dark.

Highly recommended I can only hope for a lot of releases from this range!


Time to dig out ST Attack Wing and give the ships the same repaints as my X-Wing minis.

Federation USS Enterprise E - model is a bit sloppy and difficult to repaint, the shipdesign is IMO the most beautiful Enterprise, closely followed by the NX-01.

Federation USS Prometheus - model is again a bit sloppy and difficult to repaint, the Prometheus design is always in good memory since the Voyager 414 “Message in a Bottle” episode!

Romulan Warbird out of the basic starter box and the Scout expansion ship.

The 22nd century Romulan Droneship and Warbird. From Enterprise 4 Episodes 12-14.

And with two stealth Warbirds (cheap buys from the Heroclix range!).

Klingon Raptor - one of my favourite ENT era ships! - out of the box and repainted.

Klingon Vor’Cha class ship, right out of the starter box.

Klingon D7 cruiser and F5 Frigate - ADB (former Mongoose) Starline 2500 model. The ActA SF line of minis is now owned by ADB. The model is reasonable good. Not a scale model but a tough all metal wargaming piece. I am planning a small 1500 pts Klingon fleet that will also use some Raptors from the 21st C ENT era, so I added the additional support rods for each warp nacelle. I will do similar hyperdetailing for the whole fleet to give them a unique and hopefully cool “before TOS” look.

The D7 was the standard cruiser of the Klingon Deep Space Fleet. It was designed as a tough warship with a good turn mode and lots of Marines and transporters for boarding actions and hit-and-run raids. In many ways it is THE iconic Klingon ship.

It is also one of the most often showed ship models in Star Trek with a lot of continuity problems (see: The Everlasting Klingon Battlecruiser).

F5 Frigate - ADB (former Mongoose) Starline 2500 model.

Federation Constitution class  cruiser “NCC 1701 - Enterprise” - ADB (former Mongoose) Starline 2500 model.

The model is reasonable good but the cast is not as good some other models of the line, I presume since everybody interested in the miniature line wants an Enterprise, the mold is very well used. Consequently the model was a challenge to build. Warped disk, flash, rough surfaces etc.

But all in all I like the ship! And the smaller ships from the line are in much better shape.

The classic encounter - D7 vs Enterprise!

Federation Ortega class  War Destroyer “NCC 701 - Mandela” - ADB (former Mongoose) Starline 2500 model.

Federation Manta Ray class New Fast Cruiser “NCC 1603 - Sting Ray” - ADB (former Mongoose) Starline 2500 model.


I always liked Star Trek ship designs. One of my all time favourites are the Jem’Hadar attack fighters from the Dominion. So you can imagine that I was very happy to notice that Starcraft (Federation models) is producing a box of three fighters in the popular 1/1400 scale.

Ahh  - and finally a not too bad model of a female Klingon warrior. The model is 1/32 from Millennia Models. It is a multipart resin kit. The weapon sprue had a lot of flash and the casting quality is not really good. On the bright side: it is a quite multi posable kit of one of my favourite Star Trek races.





F r o m t he time when Last Unicorn Games had the rights for the Star Trek RPG is the boxed set “Away Team”.

One of the bad things about the box is that you have no clue how the minis look until you opened the box. The minis are OK, a bit small but enough detail.






Star Trek: Astrocrew

Recently I discovered a real “gem”. Very generic SF miniatures that can be used for 15mm Trek - Astro Miniatures! Highly recommended.

Star Trek: Enterprise

I recently re-watched the whole 4 seasons and liked it more than the 1st time. Time to do a small T’Pol conversion and a “Proto” Suliban.

The mini is based on Pulp Figures Weird Menace mini (PWM 18 - Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere), the head, Tricorder and Phaser from an unofficial 28mm Star Fleet set. I aimed for one of T’Pols unofficial uniforms.
The Suliban were my favourite Enterprise enemies. The above mini is straight fro the Radon Zombies ranges, only the paint job is more to the Suliban red and yellow. Works for me!

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