German WC II: Walküre

World at War: Gear Krieg German Walker Compendium II: Walküre.

The book - a pdf only version - is our 6th supplement to our Gear Krieg book. It will give you even more Two-Fisted Pulp Superscience German Walkers to use in your games of Battlefield Evolution: World at War.


The German Walker Compendium II: Walküre - or Valkyrie as it was called by the Allies - is your comprehensive guide to using the German superscience walker Walküre in Battlefield Evolution World at War: Gear Krieg.


The German Walker Compendium II: Walküre takes a detailed look at the many types of this superscience walker for your German forces from all theatres and periods of World War II! Each vehicle is detailed with background information, factory variants, field modifications and a modelling guide.





Included are 14 Walküre variants;

  • Ausführung A to H,
  • the “Flak-Walküre” and “Sturmwalküre”, Ausführung E-2 to E-X and
  • even the rare Alpenkämpfer and
  • the Panzerbefehlskämpfer II;

the book also provides new Traits, an AFV force list and an extended German armoury to add to your games of World at War: Gear Krieg.

All units in this book are designed by the same principles as the existing vehicles in the Battlefield Evolution: World at War and Battlefield Evolution: Pacific War rulebook also written by Agis Neugebauer.

This book requires the use of Battlefield Evolution: World at War, available from Mongoose Publishing.

PzKpf V Panzerbefehlskämpfer II
In Service:1942
From August to November of 1942, 81 Ausführung B vehicles were modified to serve as command units. They were the same as the basic Ausführung B Walküre, though the top cupola was replaced by an extended hull armor lip along with additional radio equipment and a periscope.
Modeling Notes:Take the picture of the Panzerbefehlskämpfer shown as a guide. I builded a Walküre Ausführung C out of the blister. The included German Walker Commander looks suitable commanding, he fits the bill! Then add as much jerry cans, ammo boxes and stowage as you can fit around the cupola. Add huge radio aerials and you are done!

PzKpf V Ausführung A Walker in ground mode (DP9s Gear Krieg range)

PzKpf V Ausführung C (DP9s Gear Krieg range)
In Service:1941
The Panzerkämpfer V Ausführung C of the successful walker was one of the last chassis versions produced, the result of crew observations through the France and Greece campaigns. The joint reinforcements, engine protection and external rigging rings were removed, making the C version no longer capable of transport via glider. The more effective 3.2cm KpfK 90 cannon was mounted, as well as better grenades and smoke projectors. Improvements in suspension and the new AS series engine eliminated some of the worst motive problems that plagued the Ausführung A and B.

PzKpf V Ausführung E (DP9s Gear Krieg range)
In Service:1942
The Ausführung E was Ausführung B chassis with the arms and weapons removed to fit twin artillery rocket launchers. This variant was built in very small numbers.

Modeling Notes: Build a Walküre without the arms, and then add two rocket launchers from the Axis Weapon Pack (DP9-635) to each side of the torso. Just too spice it up you may also add Nebelwerfer from any of the existing 15mm ranges (Peter Pig, FoW etc.)

The model above features Flames of War Nebelwerfer.

PzKpf V Flak-Kämpfer IIa “Sturmwalküre”
In Service:1943
Since the overloaded Flak-Kämpfer II was permanently stressing the chassis, a dedicated AA version was pro-duced in 1943 under the designation “Sturmwalküre”. The rolling mode was dropped all together to save weight.
Modeling Notes: Build a basic Walküre Ausführung C, but replace the arms and weapon assemblies with the twin anti-aircraft guns from the AA Guns Pack (DP9-624). Instead of the standard Walküre legs use the legs of a Loki kit.

PzKpf V E-X Walküre
In Service:1943
Like the Loki, the Walküre E chassis also served as a testbed for Bündellichtwerfer (laser) weaponry under the “X” designation, though it used 2cm Dual AA gun as backup instead of a Panzerfaust.
Modeling Notes: Build a Walküre without the arms, then add the Laser piece from the Axis Weapon Pack (DP9-635) and a twin anti-aircraft gun assembly from the AA Guns Pack (DP9-624) on the opposed side.



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