Gear Krieg FAQ

What is Battlefield Evolution World at War?

Battlefield Evolution World at War is a WW II skirmish game from Mongoose Publishing written by me.
World at War rulebook
The book brings you many army lists and a good number of vehicles.
Quote from Mongooses website:
“Battlefield Evolution: World at War is a portal into World War II, providing everything you need to stage small firefights in far flung villages, or massive confrontations involving massed infantry, armour and air units, as the struggle for territory reaches a fever pitch. The main rulebook covers Late War armies in the European theatre, with future expansions introducing new campaigns and different armies. In this mighty tome, you will find army lists for;
•British Army Infantry
•British Army Paratroopers
•British Army Commandos
•German Wehrmacht Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers
•German Waffen-SS
•German Fallschirmjäger
•Soviet Infantry and Motor Rifles
•Soviet Tank Desant
•United States Infantry and Armoured Infantry
•United States Paratroopers
The rulebook includes complete army lists, advanced rules, scenarios and a unique Engagements system allowing you to create your own missions. This game is fully compatible with the rest of the Battlefield Evolution line, and hobbyists and publishers alike will have a chance to produce their own material for the game, through the introduction of an Open Content licence."
That is the reason for the following disclaimer on all of A.D.Publishing products:
"This book requires the use of Battlefield Evolution: World at War, available from Mongoose Publishing."

How are the rules playing? Is there a demo version somewhere?

To get an idea you can download the core Bf:Evo rules as part of the Bf:Evo Developer Pack for free here: Evolution Developer Pack

What is the A.D.Publishing - Add On?

My free World at War: Add On gives you additional rules and game examples that make World at War an even better game (at least in my humble opinion) …



Gear Krieg related questions

What was the idea and the design process behind the Gear Krieg Evolution adaption?

You may want to read the 3 page interview for Aurora magazine.

Will there be additional minis from DP9?

DP9 will try and find time between Heavy Gear releases this summer to work in sculpting time for a few new models, like the British Wagsworth Quadruped, the American General Jackson Walker and the Japanese Shiki 38 and 41 Walkers. (Full Quote here)
You can see the Shikis in the
Banzai! section.

What scale are the Gear Krieg minis?

All Gear Krieg minis produced by DP9 are 15mm (1/100). Every Flames of War player (or user of minis done by Quality Casting, FoW, Peter Pig, Skytrex, Command Decision, Resistant Rooster) can use his minis immediately together with these minis!

But Evolution was developed for individually based minis; how can I use my Flames of War Infantry?

Battlefield Evolution: World at War was indeed written with 28 or 20 mm miniatures in mind. The official Dream Pod 9 Gear Krieg minis are 1/100 or 15mm miniatures. This proves no problem at all since the Battlefield Evolution: World at War system is flexible enough to handle this scale.
There is an entire Chapter in the World at War: Gear Krieg book to give you all the rules for infantry miniatures based in groups.

I also have a ton of FoW figs that are languishing from neglect -- but no longer! Some are already based FoW style, but given the choice i'd rather use individually base the rest of my infantry?

We played many games with individually based infantry units vs multi (aka FoW style) based minis during playtest. It worked very well. Using individually based infantry miniatures is the recommended way of playing Battlefield Evolution: World at War.
If your existing 15mm or even 6mm WW II infantry collection is consisting of group- or multibased miniatures a little bit more effort is necessary. But the rules are very straight forward and so far we had no problems during playtesting with it!

Will the ground scale be adjusted from the base BE:WaW scale to account for the 15mm size of Gear Krieg?

Up to 15mm minis the same scale can be used. We found that the weapon ranges look in fact more realistic when using individually based 15mm infantry miniatures. If you want to play with smaller tables just use centimetres instead of inches and all will be fine.

How do the Gear Krieg walker/super tanks compare power wise with tanks of the period?

The early walkers (Loki, Walküre, Early and Cavalier) are more or less comparable to Armoured Cars in power.
The later walkers (Uller, Thor, Longstreet and Roundhead) are more like Mid-War tanks; they sometimes carry some very unique and powerful weapons (like the Walker Panzerschreck launcher).
The Superscience tanks are on the top of the food chain: Just like their real world counterparts with additional weapon tweaks.

The Gear Krieg book is a supplement for "World at War", correct? You will need the other WaW books to play the game and there is no rules for army building in the Gear Krieg book, but there is in the WaW books. Am I right so far?

Absolutely right - you will need the World at War rulebook (also written by me) from Mongoose.
And that is the only book you NEED to play WaW. All other books (Pacific War and A.D.Publishing’s Vehicle Compendiums) are just supplements – highly recommended – but supplements.

So we get the World at War book which has the main rules, then the Gear Krieg book has the rules to play with 15mm figs using the WaW rules? Do we need to read the WaW add on rules as well to use Gear Krieg or is that optional?

The Add On is just that, an optional free add on. In fact most of these rules are included in the Gear Krieg book. If you only need the WaW rules you can also download the core rules from the Mongoose site, but you will then don't have any army lists to play with...
Bottom line, get the WaW core book plus the Gear Krieg supplement and you have several late war army lists for Germans and their opponents and all the rules for every released mini of DP9 by the Gear Krieg book. Evolution is a pretty flexible game system, if you have your infantry minis individually based you do not even need the special 15mm rules. I have included them basically because most WW2 15mm gamer have their infantry based on infantry stand as in FoW.

So the GK supplement does not have army list, it just has rules to add GK material to the lists already found in the WaW book?

Yes - no army list in the GK book, but you get the game stats and background infos on all the minis that are currently in production by DP9.

The vehicle compendiums are the same way with material to add to WaW lists or do they have individual lists as well?

Again yes! No army lists, just vehicles units to add to the lists from the WaW book. The only exception is my Chinese army Compendium which has quite a lot of army lists and vehicles...

What you need to play Gear Krieg? Can I get a sample army list?

In Battlefield Evolution games you get more or less he same game time per point as in Warhammer 40K. So a good solid 2h game will need a 1500 - 2000 points army.

The above pictured army consists of three 10 men infantry squads (6 bases)
= 480 pts
+ 330 pts with 3 SdKfz 250/1 as transports
+  55 pts 1 Command Squad (Plus 1 light artillery strike + 50 pts)
+ 110 pts with 1 SdKfz 250/10 as transport
+  95 pts 1 Panzerkämpfer Loki B
+  95 pts 1 Panzerkämpfer Walküre A
All in all = 1215 points so far - Good starting point.

+ 185 pts 1 Panzer IV F2
+ 105 pts 1 Pak 40
Overall:   1505 pts

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