German WC  IV: Odin

World at War: Gear Krieg German Walker Compendium IV: Odin and Uller.

The book - a pdf only version - is the 9th supplement to our Gear Krieg book. It will give you even more Two-Fisted Pulp Superscience German Walkers to use in your games of Battlefield Evolution: World at War.

The German Walker Compendium IV: Odin and Uller is your comprehensive guide to using the German Uller superscience walker in Battlefield Evolution World at War: Gear Krieg.

The German Walker Compendium IV: Odin and Uller takes a detailed look at the many types of this superscience walker for your German forces from all theatres and periods of World War II! Each vehicle is detailed with background information, factory variants, field modifications and a modelling guide.







Included are 13 Uller variants; Ausführung A to B, B2, C to E, the “Flak-Uller” and “Flak-Uller II”, Ausführung G, M “Rhino” and X and even the rare Panzerbefehlskämpfer IV and PzKpf VII “88er Kämpfer Kanone” prototype are covered; the book also provides new Traits, an AFV force list and an extended German armoury to add to your games of World at War: Gear Krieg.

All units in this book are designed by the same principles as the existing vehicles in the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rulebook and Battlefield Evolution: Pacific War Supplement also written by Agis Neugebauer.

You will get in fact 2 books with this deal:

  • a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models
  • in addition a B&W text only printer friendly version.

This book requires the use of Battlefield Evolution: World at War, available from Mongoose Publishing.

PzKpf VII Flak-Kämpfer IV “Flak-Uller II“
In Service:1943
As friendly fighters became scarce, many walkers were modified to provide their own air defense. Some Ullers sported twin R98 Flugabwehrraketen (AA guided missiles) launch rack in addition to a battery of four 2cm AA guns.
Modeling Notes: Build a basic Donner chassis and discard the original armament and the arms, and add the twin anti-aircraft guns from the AA Guns Pack (DP9-624) and two guided missles from the Axis Weapon Pack (DP9- 635).

PzKpf VII Ausführung M “Rhino“
In Service:1943
This variant, based on a similar Donner model, was armed with a powerful 8.8cm L71 anti-tank gun. The cannon was mounted in a fixed position in the main hull, with aiming taken care of by the suspension.
Later variants featured the 8.8cm KpfK (Kämpfer Kanone) 71, a dedicated side mounted self-loading combat walker weapon that used a sophisticated stabilizing system to absorb the recoil energy of this enormous anti-tank gun.
Modeling Notes: : Use the templates on Page 55 of the original DP9 Gear Krieg book “Fighting Vehicles of the Modern Age” to create the gun barrel and mantel out of styrene stock. Add a pack of grenades and the machinegun box.The pictured model features a 1944 “88er Kämpfer Kanone”. The gun is from a Flames of War Königstiger, all the rest is scratch-build from plasticard.



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