The inspiration for the U.N.A. is almost an exact doppelganger to the formation of the United Nations after WW II, and shares many similarities to it. Their goal is to provide a peaceful existence for humanity, but in their struggle for control they have managed to forget about the interests of the people that they rule, and instead of leading a Democratic Society, they tend to be a little heavy on Socialist Ideals. This type of power struggle appears to be a resemblance of the United Nations struggle to maintain a uniform system of government throughout the world, and the ups and downs of their efforts.

The look of the UNA troops has IMO a heavy similarity to the German WW II troops of Paolo Parente's DUST game. Not a real surprise, since Paolo was involved in AT-43!
I took this one step further while re-painting my Steel Troopers and the Toad Strider. Since the helmet and smock design of the Steel Trooper is nearly identical to German Fallschirmspringer units (Paras) I decided to paint them in historic German colours: German Field Grey and Luftwaffe blue.

The Wing Trooper is even more WW II “enhanced”. I used a West Wind Fallschirmjäger helmet and painted the smock in Splintercamo, works for me...

For the Strider I went for one of the many late war German camouflage schemes plus some good old Panzergrey! Works fine IMO.

Customised Fire Toad:

The Fire Toad Strider is out of the Damocles game box. Since I wanted the strider a bit more dynamic I repositioned the legs, removed some armour from the lower legs, repositioned the Laser guns and kitted him out with some Tamiya stowage. The Laser guns are fully movable.


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