Red Blok


The Red Blok draws its visions directly from the formation of the Communist Party, and the background of their formation seems to draw historically from the struggles that brought about the Bolshevik Revolution. The overthrowing of the government by its people sends a strong message about authoritarian rule and exploitation, leaving a lesson to be learned, while the motivation behind the political changes paints a beautiful vision of an egalitarian society.

Spesnatz Kommandos

The spetsnatz are the elite of the Revolutionary Forces of the Red Blok. They have no other speciality than excellence. Furthermore, they are used as much to motivate the troops as to accomplish the most dangerous missions.
Equipped with the most efficient antipersonnel weapons available to the Red Blok, the spetsnatz are the best soldiers ever trained by mankind. Less versatile than the steel troopers, notably against armored fighting vehicles, the spetsnatz are excellent in infantry combat: they can outclass even the terrifying Therian golems.
At long range, their Gauss rifle is the enemy’s nightmare; at short range, the flamer is even worse.

Just some re-paints with scenic bases. I really do not like the sights on the Gauss Rifles, way too big IMO. Therefore I removed some and glued them to the belts, looks more dynamic and less blocky for me.

Spesnatz Kolossus

A spetsnatz kolossus can easily withstand machine gun fire and make its way through the densest artillery barrage. These steady giants are deployed as anti-personnel units. Scratching off the paint is the best light fire weapons can do to them.

Another brutal Red Blok design. No modifications here, just a re-paint with more details and a more suitable base.

Sergeant Tymofiyeva and Kozni

I just loved the brutal low tech look of the Red Block striders right from the start. So one of my first re-paints / conversions for the Blok was Sergeant Tymofiyeva and her modified strider “Kozni”.

Right now there is no “official” Kozni model available. When reading the background it becomes clear that Kozni has some electronic warfare countermeasures installed.

I turned the box at the backside of the model around and stuck some additional Plasticard parts and some stuff from a GW vehicle sprue on it, plus some wire for the antennas - done. Works for me.

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