“Remembrance, learning, revelation. Past, present, future.”

The Karmans, wise warriors on a quest for freedom and peace, have decided to march into battle as war spreads through the universe. They have analysed the path taken by the cosmos and have seen its future… In AT-43, Operation Damocles has rushed the universe on a course of war and chaos. The Karmans are fulfilling their fate by choosing to join in: They are the chosen few destined to guide the other races towards victory and wisdom!

Three paths have opened before the Karmans, three factions have formed.

  • The wise thinkers of Libra want to pay the Karmans’ debt to the Therians for the gift of intelligence. They are the defenders of their home world, Karma.
  • Somewhere between watching and acting, the arbitrators of Nova intervene on any battlefields to enforce the Karman truth.
  • Finally, the warriors of the Flux have made action their priority as they lead their people to war!

The Karmans have acknowledged their fate. Their philosophy is obviously the best suited to guide the less enlightened races towards fulfillment and wisdom. The time for talking is gone, the Karman warriors shall now take their weapons and use them to impose peace…Or death to those who do not want it!

Anakonga Officer

The anakongas constitute the main body of Karman troops. Trained by hardened veterans, they are calm and resolute: the Karman warrior knows that his death and victories are waiting somewhere in the future to be revealed. Equipped with powerful drum pistols, the unconcerned anakongas cast storms of steel upon their enemies.

The first re-paint. I tried a darker look. No albino ape this time! Some of the white armour parts are painted black and the whole minis was “aged” a bit. The base is made with some bits from a Platform builder kit and epoxy glue for the chemical puddle.

I really like the look of this minis, very savage and brutal, but still funny in way. The tech look is very “pulpy”, just take a look at the Rocket pack!

These Apes are crying for additional use in some Pulp games!


Easy Trike with a nice Chrome coating...

The 1950s retro look of the Karman vehicles need a bare metal or chrome look IMO.

Makes them look even more like a Jet fighter from these years...

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