Of all the Megacorporations, Mishima holds itself most closely to the ancient traditions of its origins. Mishima suffered badly during the Fall because so much of their wealth had been accumulated through the design of microprocessors and the generation of powerful AI's. But as history has repeatedly shown, Mishima has a remarkable capacity for resilience. Their adherence to duty has seen them accomplish many things that other Megacorporations considered impossible, not least of which was the successful settling of the infernal world of Mercury.

The Mishima Megacorporation has a completely unique mindset; one that is rigid and elegant but also completely unforgiving, these values are prized by even the most lowly of their citizens. It is this introspective method of thought that has led them into much controversy over the centuries. Most memorably of all, the rift that sprang up between Mishima and the Brotherhood during the Neronian Heresy. This division is not entirely healed, even to this day.

Following the divergence of Mishima from the teachings of the Cardinal, Mishima established the "Schools of Enlightenment", which many see as an act of heresy. The Brotherhood however, saw no evidence of the Dark Symmetry in the schools and so tolerated their existence. This was seen by many in the Curia as a wise move as it allowed Mishima to concede the Brotherhood's spiritual authority without losing face. Others see it as a display of The Brotherhood's weakness and a sign that Mishima are falling ever closer into shadow.

Crimson Devils

“Crimson Devils are an unusual military regiment that is not considered to be a part of the Mishiman armed forces. Instead they are ‘officially’ classed a military-triads hybrid. Their battlefield role centres on ruthless surgical strikes where they sow death, terror and confusion. Only the Ronin Samurai, who have already lost their own honour, are allowed to train Crimson Devils. The Crimson Devils favour close combat and the use of the Ceremonial Katana, but are also trained to use standard-issue Mishiman firearms. Crimson Devils are ornately dressed in shades of red, with masks that bear the twisted and unsettling faces of mythical Oni-Demons. The surgically attached mask seals the unscarred faces of the wearer behind specially designed breathing apparatus, protecting them from even the most polluted air of the Solar Systems. The masks may only be removed by experts on the request of the Liege-Lords and to attempt removal otherwise would rip flesh from the face of it’s bearer in an agonising and mutilating wound.” (from Prodos webside)

The Crimson Devil above is from Prodos Warzone range. It was the first mini I bought after the initial KS, I was blown away by the casting quality, an incredible improvement. The only thing I do not like is the slight scale creep, the gun is bigger than the Hatamoto gun!


“The Hatamoto are bedressed in heavy armour and often fill the role of bodyguard.

It is a great honour for any Mishiman warrior to be chosen by their Liege-Lord for service as an elite guard.

As a Hatamoto, the warrior is instated as guard to the higher echelons of Mishima elite, including the Lord Heir himself.

Trusted and honoured to an equal extent, this is the highest position any Samurai could ever hope for. These troops are the best infantry that the Mishima Corporation has to offer, with a perfect skill balance of traditional close combat training as well as a high proficiency in firearm use.

The Hatamoto represent the absolute, unequivocal masters of warfare in the Mishiman domain.”
(from Prodos webside)



I have received most of my KS minis, as expected I like Mishima the most, consequently the 1st mini painted is a Hatamoto. The rest of the squad is now black primed and ready to go. A WIP shot still unprimed is below. I could not resist and made a head change (from the Samurai unit) and attached the old Dragonfire HMG.

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