Capitol was the first Megacorporation to fully appreciate the commercial viability of colonising the solar system. Taking the initiative, they invested a massive amount of resources in the construction of a permanent launch facility and resource depot on Earth's Moon (Luna). Their investment paid huge dividends as traffic throughout the solar system increased and all of the Megacorporations began using the Capitol base. They developed a reputation for logistical expertise that persists to this day, for their supply lines and rapid deployment record is by far the most impressive of all the corporations.

The Capitol Military reflects the emphasis on individuality, which is prevalent in their society at large. They possess a large regular army but the majority of conscripts join up in the firm belief that they are destined for service in one of the special-forces divisions and as such, the Capitol military force has a hugely varied selection of specialist troops. (from:

Captain Henry Thomas

Captain Henry Thomas is the commander of the 44th Airborne Calvary, more commonly known as the Ghost Raiders. The Ghost Raiders and Thomas specifically, take a quantifiable portion of the media limelight of the Capitol military forces. They are well aware of the part that they play in keeping morale high amongst the citizens of Capitol and they relish the attention.

They are far from camera shy and will play up to military correspondents with farfetched tales of heroics, often significantly elaborating the truth, knowing that their words will be lapped up by the Capitol citizenry. However, the gung-ho heroics of the ‘drop-jockeys’ (as the media like to call them), hides a high mortality rate, even when compared to the other Airborne corps.

No modifications at all, just an incredible good sculpted mini! Hopefully my paintjob gives it credit.

Capitol Light Infantry

The grunts of the Capitol forces, the Light Infantry are an omnipresent sight in every Capitol Warzone. Each and every one is armed with a standard issue combat knife, M50 Rifle and their trusty under slung grenade launcher.

The above mini is from the Warzone Resurrection KS, I did a head swap however. The Light Infantry helmet is true to the original artwork, but somehow it does not work for me. After that the mini was mounted on a 25 mm MDF base.

Capitol Airborne Cavalry

Airborne Cavalry are a highly respected part of the Capitol Military force and recognised for their insanity. Nothing makes these soldiers happier than the rush of free falling, whilst firing their Lance Rocket Launchers and scattering their foes.

The above mini is from the Warzone Resurrection KS, I only used the Airborne head and backpack, otherwise right out of the box. The mini will serve in double duty not only as part of the 44th Airborne Calvary but also as an Arkham Knight crew mercenary.

Martian Banshees

The Martian Banshees are one of the Capitol Corporation’s most unusual Special Forces units.

It recruits only from those who have lost families to the operations of Mishima or the Dark Legion in conflicts on Mars. Banshees are desperate and deadly men and women who have sworn to sell their lives dearly in search of vengeance.

They are an elite airborne unit which is dropped on special Banshee rocket packs into the very heart of any conflict. The howling wail of their engines and the unsettling decoration of their face masks give the unit its prominent name.



As with Thomas, no modifications at all on this mini.




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