From it's beginning, The Bauhaus Megacorporation had a well-deserved reputation for engineering excellence and now, nearly 1400 years later, this reputation still holds true. During the colonization of the solar system, all the Megacorporations employed their skills in the construction of ships, atmospheric processing plants and gravity regulators. In addition to their industrial reputation, they were also recognized for their honourable business ethics. The Bauhaus Megacorporation rarely offered the most appealing deals and they were never the cheapest, but agreements signed with them were always honoured.

As one might expect, the Bauhaus reputation for excellence extends onto the battlefield. Their military hardware is generally of a high standard and their mechanical and armoured support is notably superior to that of the other Megacorporations. Combined with good discipline and highly trained troops, the Bauhaus army is one of the most effective in the solar system. Following the culture of military service the troops themselves are also well motivated and follow a code of honour that has earned them respect throughout the Megacorporations. (From:

Bauhaus Hussars

Hussars are the regular line infantry of the Bauhaus Corporation. They are among the best equipped and armed of all the regular corporate armies and as every citizen of Bauhaus is expected to serve in the military at some point, they are never without a steady flow of recruits.

The above mini is from the Warzone Resurrection KS, I reshaped the legs (IMO the stand was too wide) under hot water, works like a charm! After that the mini was mounted on a 25 mm MDF base.

Grizzly GBT-49 Super Heavy Tank

The Grizzly from last years Kickstarter finally arrived! It is a very fine kit, you get some big fat resin blocks to assemble. Everything fits more or less smoothly together, some minor fitting problems can be easily covered. More on that later. I am happy!

The tank is a Warzone classic, featured on the old Bauhaus RPG book and once even released as a model. It has some strange design elements, like the blade like tracks or the anti infantry gun on the rear axle! For me this just adds to the charm of this brutal design!

The pics still show the tank a bit as WIP, since the two additional turrets behind the main turret were miscasts, replacements are on the way. But maybe I will cover the circles with additional air intakes...

I also “pimped” the tank here and there. The antenna was added since the shorter original one was broken off. (my kit arrived in a too big box with almost no protecting wrap or so, the good shape of the model says everything about the sturdy material Prodos is casting there kits.)

The fuel tank is from a GW kit and the wooden box is a resin after market tank storage piece. I added them since some ugly fitting lines were originally at the rear of the kit (see above).






The main turret sat a bit low (See A). I really feared that some of the finer details would be damaged during play, so I had to raise it a bit higher. IMO still a fitting look, like a WW II KV-2! The solution was simple, I added a MDF base (B) and voila, all fine (C!).

And since almost every time someone is asking about a scale comparison, here is the Grizzly together with a GW Leman Russ!


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