Incursion- HMG Ape

It is the year of our Lord, 1949 and the world is in flames. The human race screams in agony as the Second World War rages unchecked around the planet. Nations die and hundreds of millions perish as the thin veneer of civilisation is utterly consumed in a global orgy of savagery and rage. The technology of war develops at a suicidal pace as all sides in the conflict seek the weapon that will ensure a final victory.
Dark things lurk beneath the Third Reich: twisted creatures of malevolent intent born of demented minds. It is a time of monsters and madness and armoured behemoths spitting fiery death from their fearsome guns. Though chaos reigns and evil flourishes in this desperate age, it is also a time of heroes. This is Götterdämmerung...“

That is the intro for Incursion a game set in the world of Secrets of the Third Reich and is a great combination of board game and miniatures game. I was lucky enough to have been involved in the development of the game. The game is in open beta testing the moment, so grab your copy of the free rule and give it a try!

The above mini is an APE (Armoured Personal Exo-system) HMG trooper. It is rumoured that these suits were developed from secrets wrung from the “visitors” at Roswell combined with honest Detroit engineering. These unwieldy diesel powered A.P.E. are designed to take a serious beating and keep moving. They are the ultimate blend of infantryman and tank and are piloted by America’s best. They excel at close quarters fighting. The volume of fire they can pump out, in tandem with their virtual invulnerability to small arms, allows them to clear urban areas and bunkers with a relatively low casualty rate.

Artizan US trooper painted by Tom Weiß for scale comparison

Incursion- German Babes

Ilsa and her sister Greta

Greta von X and her twin sister Oberst Ilsa von X are the daughters of Hugo. Believing he had stumbled onto the fountain of youth, von X injected both of his children with an experimental serum derived from a stolen sample of the compound that the Cosmists developed to create the Siberian Supermen. Greta was the lucky one. She retained her intellect and beauty and became inhumanly strong, fast, and tough. Greta is the operations officer for the Gibraltar compound and Hugo’s right hand.

Both minis are slightly converted, since the girlish look of the original minis are not to my liking! So I removed the (IMO) too big SMGs and equipped them with BAM MP-40s. Greta was also stripped bare of the sculpted lingerie and some decent trouser were then painted on! Gretas braids went also off.

Zombies painted as USMC


Just some “nice” Bomberzombies out of the blister. Definitely the best Zombie minis I have ever painted! Below are they together with some SotR Zombies.

The best mini of the German line is IMO Hans the Hunter! Assembled right out of the blister, no modifications just some old school painting...

Ian at Fenris has developed some lovely resin 3D upgrades for your 40mm Incursion counters.  The pieces are resin and paint up really well. Also highly recommended for every two-fisted super science miniature game you want to play...


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