Soviet VC

Hot on the heels of the German book is the Soviet Vehicle Compendium. The British and US Vehicle Compendium will follow soon. These are written and reviewed but otherwise on hold.

The book - a pdf only version - is your comprehensive guide to using Soviet Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Battlefield Evolution: World at War.

You get a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models. In addition a text only printer friendly version is also included.

The book provides new Traits (like Double Suppression, Recon and Unreliable vehicles) an AFV force list, options to use captured equipment and an extended Soviet armoury to add to your games of World at War.

All vehicles in this book are consistent with existing vehicles in the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rule book also written by me.







And – the beef of the book – stats for almost every Soviet WW II vehicle:

  • GAZAAA-37 Truck (Portee)


  • BA-6 Light Armoured Car
  • BA-10 Scout Car
  • BA-10 M Scout Car
  • BA-64 Scout Car


  • SU-76 Tank Destroyer
  • SU-85 Assault Gun
  • SU-100 Assault Gun
  • SU-122 Assault Gun
  • ISU-122 Assault Gun
  • ISU-122S Assault Gun
  • ISU-152 Assault Gun
  • BT-2 Light Tank
  • BT-5 Light Tank
  • BT-7 Light Tank
  • BT-7A Light Tank
  • Iosif Stalin 1 Tank
  • Iosif Stalin 2 Tank
  • Iosif Stalin 3 Tank
  • KV-1 Model 1939 Heavy Tank
  • KV-1 Model 1940 (KV-1A) Heavy Tank
  • KV-1E Model 1940 / KV-1B 1941 Heavy Tank
  • KV-1C Heavy Tank
  • KV-1S Heavy Tank
  • KV-2 Heavy Tank
  • KV-8 / OT-KV Heavy Tank
  • KV-85 Heavy Tank
  • OT-133/ OT-26S Light Flamethrower Tank
  • OT-34 Flamethrower Tank
  • OT-7 Light Flamethrower Tank
  • T-26 Light Tank
  • T-28 Tank
  • T-34 Tank
  • T-34/40 Model 76 A Tank
  • T-34/85 Tank
  • T-35 Heavy Tank
  • T-50 Light Tank
  • T-60 Light Tank
  • T-60 M1942 Light Tank
  • T-70 Light Tank


  • GAZ-64/67
  • Heavy, Light and Medium Truck

Lend-Lease Vehicles

  • Churchill III/IV Infantry Tank
  • M3 General Lee Medium Tank
  • M3 Halftrack
  • M3A1 Stuart Light Tank
  • M4 Sherman Medium Tank
  • M10 Tank Destroyer
  • Matilda II Infantry tank
  • Valentine III/ IV/ V Infantry Tank

All in all over 50 vehicles are covered and many options are provided to create additional variants. Just check the German book to get a feeling.

Below are some sample pages that show the layout.

A sample unit card:

Some additional pictures of the book:



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