15mm French

Early War French

The Char B Tesla - Tesla was not interested in creating offensive weapons, but when the French government offered to fund his research on his concept for a defensive “Beam Weapon” capable of destroying any conventional attacker Tesla could not ignore the challenge.

Dubbed “Death Rays” by the world press at their unveiling in 1935, the “Electrically Accelerated Energy Cannon’’ seemed to be an absolute guarantee of French national security. Coupled with the vast static defenses of the newly completed Maginot line (named after the Defense Minister who began the project) along France’s German frontier the French government was complacently certain that Tesla’s super weapon would render the Republic safe from any attacker.

Smaller Death Rays were mounted on the super heavy Grognard landships and the heavy Char B tanks.




Modelling Notes: The Char B Tesla is a very simple conversion. A Forged in Battle Char B 15mm tank with a Tesla cannon from DP9. The turret ring had to be raised (I added a plastic ring of similar radius) to enable rotation of the turret. Done!

Char B, Char B Tesla and SOMUA - Forged in Battle and DP9 (as above)

Char B - Forged in Battle

SOMUA - Forged in Battle

French HMG - Peter Pig

Normandy Farmhouse - Peter Pig

Normandy Barn - Peter Pig


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