Most miniatures of daemons are quite boring as far as I am concerned. Huge musclebound, stupid looking mightily horned beast. You know what I am talking...

When I noticed the nice new daemons from Hasslefree or Spyglass I was thinking about painting some for a change. And by the time I was involved in the GW Kill Team project I eventually even started to paint them. First is Imogen from Kevin White. A really good sculptor in my opinion. He worked for countless companies and is now doing some additional miniatures for his own company: Hasslefree Miniatures. Worth a look.

The second mini is Gen. A little daemonic beauty on a rather gruesome altar. Also from Hasselfree.

As mentioned above Spyglass is also producing some nice Daemons. The first painted is Eliza. Really nice elegant whip swinging beauty with tiny little horns.


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