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Legion - Clone Wars

“War has engulfed the galaxy. The vast forces of the Separatist Alliance, bolstered by seemingly endless ranks of battle droids, have pushed the Galactic Republic to the brink of dissolution and defeat. The Republic’s only hope is its army of elite clone troopers, led into battle by noble, Force-wielding Jedi Knights. The war between them is an epic struggle where every battle could turn the tide and change the fate of the galaxy. You can immerse yourself in this epic conflict, assembling your forces and leading them against your opponents in the legendary ground battles of Star Wars™ with the Clone Wars Core Set for Star Wars™: Legion!
This Core Set invites you to enter a completely new era of infantry battles in the Star Wars galaxy, pitting the overwhelming Separatist droid forces against the Republic’s crack armies of clone troopers and Jedi Knights. As you do, you’ll assemble a force of the Clone Wars' most iconic heroes, villains, troopers, and vehicles, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. In addition to introducing the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance to the game, this Core Set contains all the cards, tools and tokens you need to begin staging your own Star Wars battles right away, making this the perfect starting point to begin building your Star Wars: Legion collection!” from FFGs website

Grand Army of the Republic

Five Phase I trooper right out of the Clone Wars box. Unfortunately the miniatures are NOT as good as the B1 droids, softer plastic, less details, grotesquely oversized weapons, bulky heads, feet and hands and horrible very hard to remove mold lines. A real shame and missed opportunity IMO. They look good anyway.

Some comparison pictures are below.

From left to right: Mels Phase II, FFG Phase I, Mels Phase II, FFG Phase I. Mels are way more realistic. But in the end it boils down to personal taste!

Jordans Obi, FFG Phase I and Mels Obi. Jordans mini work together with FFG, Mels not.

Soon after the arrival of Legion some back market models appeared, first scenery, then head swap conversion parts and finally full models. I was pleased to see that Mel (see my X-Wing models) is also doing some very good Clone Trooper! So time to paint some!

From left to right, Phase II CT with DC-15S blaster carbine, ARC Trooper (maybe Rex?) and Phase II CT with DC-15A Blaster Rifle. So models are of good quality (the sculpts are in fact flawless), but some print lines appear and need to be carefully removed wherever possible. They are painted in the colours of Rex’s 501st Legion.

Three ARC Trooper of the 501st Legion. One with Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, one DC-15S Blaster and DC-15A Blaster Sniper Rifle.

Four ARC Trooper of the 501st Legion. One with DC-15S Blaster, DC-15A Blaster Sniper Rifle, Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon and one Trooper aims with his RPS-6 Rocket Launcher.

The always welcome comparison picture: From left to right, FFG Legion Trooper, Phase II CT with DC-15A Blaster Rifle ARC Trooper and FFG Heavy Trooper.

As you can see the Mel CTs are more realistic proportioned, while FFG has the chunky “heroic” scale GW look. Both are nice models by themselves! I am planning to paint 2 or 3 Clone squads and some corresponding lists for my Victory Decision Future Combat system.

Mel also started to produce Jedi to lead the clones! Obi Wan Kenobi is the 1st.
A very good mini with also very little printlines!

Another, maybe even better Obi Wan is from Skullforge Studios! Dynamic pose, flowing robe, crisp Clone armour, I like the sculpt. Shapeways model in Smoothest Fine Detail, still some rough spots though...


Confederacy of Independent Systems

"It is an honour to stand before you, for you represent the freedom and the future of our galaxy. The once-great Republic and Jedi Order have become victims of their own ambitions, and the Supreme Chancellor is no more than a pawn of corporate monopolies. As a people you called out for change, you called out for leadership, and I humbly answered that call. Together we challenged the system. We asked for equality. And how were we met? With war! The Jedi secret army of clones was revealed, and their treachery was far greater than we could have imagined! Countless living beings—these clones the Jedi created—have been sent to their deaths, while we sacrifice mainly droids. Our soldiers of flesh and blood are willing participants! They are your fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, who fight not because they were grown and designed to do so, but because they know in their hearts that they are fighting for a just and noble cause!"
―Head of State Dooku addresses a gala of Separatist dignitaries

9 B1 Droids right out of the core box. IMO absolutely the best Legion minis so far, incredible good casting, great hard plastic and huge conversion potential! In addition using Contrast paints they paint themselves more or less by themselves!

Droideka right out of the core box. As good as the B1s!!!

Count Dooku by Knight Models and Softplastic Droids -  by WotC (now OOP)

Softplastic Trade Federation Droids - all by WotC (now OOP)

And the always productive Mel also offers Droids and the infamous General Grievous!

As you can see two of the 4 sabers are missing the brittle Shapeway material simply broke away and the saber itself was too tiny to replace the blade. Anyway I received a full refund and the model still looks cool IMO.

Droideka by Mel! Great sculpts but the print is even in Smooth fine detail not really good.

Droidekas, also known as destroyer droids, or as rollies in clone trooper slang, were a type of droid used by the Trade Federation during the Invasion of Naboo and, later, by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Manufactured by the Colicoids on Colla IV,[ 2] droidekas were dangerous and deadly, designed to exterminate their adversaries with extreme prejudice. They could transform their shape by curling into a ball and moving up to 75 kilometers per hour across a surface, or stand on three legs and utilize a shield generator while firing at a target. from SW Wikia


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