British Manual

This is the 3rd Technical Manual supplement for our “Victory Decision: World War II” miniatures game.

A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of this book.

The British and Commonwealth Technical Manual is your comprehensive guide to using British and Commonwealth Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Guns in Victory Decision: World War II.

This book covers over 110 guns and vehicles for your British and Commonwealth forces from all periods of World War II.

Included are:

  • Anti-Aircraft Guns, Anti-Tank Guns, Field Guns and Howitzers
  • Anti-Aircraft Vehicles, Armoured Cars, Light Tanks, Cruiser and Medium tanks, Infantry tanks, Self-propelled Artillery and Portees, Tank Destroyers, Transport and soft skinned vehicles and even Prototypes


As with all our ebooks you will get in fact 2 books:

  • a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models
  • in addition a B&W text only printer friendly version

Some preview pages below


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