Back of Beyond FAQ

What is Battlefield Evolution World at War?

Battlefield Evolution World at War is a WW II skirmish game from Mongoose Publishing written by me.
World at War rulebook
The book brings you many army lists and a good number of vehicles.

Quote from Mongooses website:

“Battlefield Evolution: World at War is a portal into World War II, providing everything you need to stage small firefights in far flung villages, or massive confrontations involving massed infantry, armour and air units, as the struggle for territory reaches a fever pitch. The main rulebook covers Late War armies in the European theatre, with future expansions introducing new campaigns and different armies. In this mighty tome, you will find army lists for;

•British Army Infantry
•British Army Paratroopers
•British Army Commandos
•German Wehrmacht Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers
•German Waffen-SS
•German Fallschirmjäger
•Soviet Infantry and Motor Rifles
•Soviet Tank Desant
•United States Infantry and Armoured Infantry
•United States Paratroopers

The rulebook includes complete army lists, advanced rules, scenarios and a unique Engagements system allowing you to create your own missions. This game is fully compatible with the rest of the Battlefield Evolution line, and hobbyists and publishers alike will have a chance to produce their own material for the game, through the introduction of an Open Content licence."

That is the reason for the following disclaimer on all of A.D.Publishing products:
"This book requires the use of Battlefield Evolution: World at War, available from Mongoose Publishing."

How are the rules playing? Is there a demo version somewhere?

To get an idea you can download the core Bf:Evo rules as part of the Bf:Evo Developer Pack for free here: Evolution Developer Pack

What is the A.D.Publishing - Add On?

My free World at War: Add On gives you additional rules and game examples that make World at War an even better game (at least in my humble opinion) …




Back of Beyond related questions

Is this book related to Mark Copplestones BoB miniature line?

This book is indeed inspired by the fantastic 28mm model range of Mark Copplestone. The selection of the army lists is also based mostly on this model range. We did not see much reason to include some obscure list for forces in Central Asia with no existing models to support them.

What was the idea and the design process behind the Back of Beyond Evolution adaption?

A quote from the Design Notes chapter will help here:

    The opportunity to write the Back of Beyond book came up when my friend Tom Weiß told me about plans in our friendly local gaming shop “Battlefield Berlin” to start a BoB campaign. The players were still unsure what rules to use. We soon agreed that it would be a good thing to use the Battlefield Evolution rules. It would also be the perfect excuse to dig out some of the unpainted BoB minis from my lead pile and give them some paint…
    So how to put all the wonderful BoB units into game stats for Battlefield Evolution?
    First some serious research started, reading and re-reading some of the books about the period, re-reading old Wargames Illustrated magazines, checking the available miniatures in 28mm and getting all in all “into it”! Since the whole book is more or less driven by Mark Copplestone’s fantastic miniature line we decided to build the main army lists around his miniature lines.
    Soon the British, Bolshevik and Chinese lists were written, later the White Russians, the Mad Baron, the Mongols and the Tibetans were added. While writing the background based on my research I realised that the book would not be complete without the Turkish lead Basmachis. But the army lists alone would not make a decent BoB book. I included new traits (Grenades, Weak AA) to give you the “interwar feel”. The play testing could begin. The more we played the more everything fell into place.
    After some discussions about including the really incredible lovely experimental interwar tanks that Copplestone Casting is producing we decided that some special or larger than life characters would add great fun to the game. The whole chapter contains only optional rules, but it gives the players great freedom about what units to play with.
    Your Mongol Horde is tired of getting shot to pieces by tanks and Armored Cars? Get them a Shaman and enhance your cavalry with some charms to go tank hunting!
    Not having enough air support – get the Pilot Ace!
    The Battlefield Evolution system again proved flexible enough to represent even this larger then life or mystical units. All in all, I am very happy how the BoB look and feel on the table while using the Battlefield Evolution system.
    Hopefully, these units give you a lot of fun and enhance your Battlefield Evolution: World at War experience.

Can I play with Back of Beyond army lists against other lists from your supplements?

Since this book is written by the author of the Battlefield Evolution: World at War book and Pacific War book, you can be assured that the units and vehicles in this book are designed by the same principles as the ones in the official Battlefield Evolution: World at War books.
The unit stats in this book are consistent with the existing units in the Battlefield Evolution: World at War books.
But be warned a BoB army will not have much fun against a German late war King Tiger!

What scale is this book designed for?

Battlefield Evolution is not using any particular scale. As long as your minis are individually based all is fine. I am recommending 28mm minis.

The Back of Beyond book is a supplement for "World at War", correct? What other books do I need to play the game?

Well - you will need the World at War rulebook (also written by me) from Mongoose. If all fails the core rules of the above mentioned Bf:Evo Developer Pack will also do.
And that is the only additional book you NEED to play WaW. All other books (Pacific War and A.D.Publishing’s Vehicle Compendiums) are just supplements – highly recommended – but supplements. So if you want to play some “What If” games of Back of Beyond forces involving a Warlord using Panzer Is, just get the German Vehicle Compendium and have fun.


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